Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Memorize Me

“And nothing is hidden from your sight. Wherever I go, you find me. And you know ever detail of my life. For you are God and you don’t miss a thing…
You memorize me”(1)
            Everytime this line is sung out, it echoes within me as well as pierces my soul. “You memorize me”.
            I’m officially back at Eastern. I STILL don’t know what this season was entirely about and I STILL don’t know A LOT of what God was saying (and is still saying). But at least He’s near. And at least I don’t feel alone anymore. Actually it’s quite the opposite.
            If I’ve come out of this season with anything, it’s the knowledge that God knows me. He knows exactly how to get to me and how to get my attention. He knows the TV shows I like, the music I listen to, the bugs I hate, the food I savor, the things in nature that fascinate me, the plays I relish, the movies/characters that I resonate with, the things that bring me nostalgia, the friends I love, the jokes I laugh at, the memories that hurt, the simple things in life that bring me joy…He knows me. And He uses ALL these things to speak to me. All the time. I realized that things that are important to me are important to Him too, because they are important to me. And He gets it. It makes Him seem more real and closer.
            I’ve been walking around campus and remembering all the things that happened last year. Good and bad. I’m enjoying the new memories I’m making and I’m looking forward to new ones being made throughout the year. And all the while, God is speaking. And to be honest, sometimes….heck, often, I don’t know what He’s saying. But I know He’s speaking. I know He loves me. I know He knows me. And I know He knows what He’s doing.

(1)Song, “You Know Me” by Bethel(Loft Sessions)