Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmastime is Here

             So many searched for Him. The magi, the shepherds, King Herod. Christmas is seeking Jesus. It’s seeking the fulfillment of long forgotten promises. It’s the glimmer of hope for downcast hearts. It’s the answer that no one was expecting.
            I’m still seeking. I still feel like so many of my hopes and dreams were crushed. I still feel unheard. I still feel like I’m lost. I still feel disappointed. I still feel confused. I feel like I have more questions than when I began. I still feel like I’m waiting for answers.
            However, there’s something in the Christmas lights that softly glow on my street. In the hymns singing of yearning. In the aroma of peppermint, hot chocolate or cookies. In the sound of crinkling wrapping paper. In the laughter ringing. In Scrooge’s redemption. A reminder.
            It’s a reminder that promises were fulfilled. That there are things to treasure in our hearts. That when things are not as they seem, it's not always a bad thing. That God resurrects hopes and dreams. That we are heard. That there will always be a light to lead us. That there is a cause for celebration. That just because things don’t make sense doesn’t mean He’s not up to something. That questions are often followed by declarations. That He does come.
            That there is hope.