Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Brings Life

“It’s always like springtime with you,
Making all things new.
Your light is breaking through the dark.
This love is sweeter than wine,
Bringing joy, bringing life
Your hope is rising like the dawn.
And this is what you do, this is what you do, this is what you do…
You make me come alive!”(-Bethel, This is What You Do) (
At that moment as I listened to this song on my Ipod while walking to my car, a gust of wind hit my face and blew my circle scarf off from around my head to beautifully rest on my shoulders. As I opened my eyes I noticed how blue the sky was, how beautifully but sharply the bare trees stood out against it, the gorgeous weather, and how good the wind felt on my face. I smiled and took a deep breath in. Oh Jesus…
   “If we are children of God, we have a tremendous treasure in Nature. In every wind that blows, in every night and day of the year, in every sign of the sky, in every blossoming and in every withering of the earth, there is a real coming of God to us if we will simply use our starved imagination to realize it.”-Oswald Chambers
            One of the most beautiful shifts in my spiritual life was when I began to see Jesus in everything. Jesus is EVERYWHERE. I know, there’s a theological term for this: Omnipresent. But this is just an empty word until you start getting how beautiful the meaning is. What made this realization so profoundly beautiful was that I wasn’t just seeing Him…it was that when I saw Him, He was always speaking to me. When I was taking a walk around the block, listening to worship music and a gush of wind blew cherry blossom petals around me at the same time as two birds flew by chirping, it wasn’t just cool. It was the lover of my soul romancing me. When I was squished in a car, laughing and talking with my friends, it wasn’t just fun. It was my Bridegroom showing me how much I was loved. When I was at Resting Place on Monday nights and I looked around the room watching everyone worship, it wasn’t just powerful. It was my Heavenly father assembling a family reunion. When I do yoga and play improve-type games in Actors Lab, it’s not just crazy. It’s the creator of the universe letting me experience the wonder of what He’s created and my best friend introducing me to people that He wanted me to meet. When topics are clicking and making sense in class, it’s not just interesting. It’s the great Teacher educating me. It just makes everything better. Things that used to strike me as “well that’s nice” now strike me as a message of love from Jesus. It makes life so much more beautiful. It makes life so much more meaningful. It makes it so that…
It’s like I’m living for the first time
Finally living for the first time
It’s like I’m living for the first time
Finally living for the first time…
“He was with God in the beginning. Through Him, all things are made, and without Him, nothing is made that has been made. In Him was life and that life is the light of men.” John 1:3-4

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