Sunday, April 15, 2012

Remember when...?

            So, in case you don’t know, I’ve been in a really weird place spiritually lately. I’m working through a lot of stuff and it’s not easy. Recently, thanks to my friend Rebecca, I listened to a sermon by Bill Johnson entitled, “Developing Heart Strength” “ ( At one point in the sermon, he made the point that testimonies are meant to strengthen the believer&one of the best things you can do when you are feeling disheartened is to remember moments when God did amazing things in your life. All of a sudden, I realized why my mind had been taking a stroll down memory lane lately. God has been trying to encourage me! Wow. So…here are some of the things I have been remembering that have strengthened me and maybe it will strengthen you too:
·         I remember when a 2 year old girl at my daycare dropped out b/c she had started having seizures. She was consistently in my prayers. At a prayer night with my friends we spent some time lifting her up in prayer. The next day was Sunday. While casually glancing around the sanctuary I saw the little girl and her mother. After the service, I grabbed Rebecca and we went upstairs to meet the mother to pray over them. When the girl saw me she ran to me and gave me a hug(which is not typical of daycare students when they see their teachers outside class or when they are with their parents). We talked to the mom and she gave us permission to pray over her daughter and put oil on her forehead. We also prayed for the mother. I could not have imagined that would happen.
·         I remember when I got to sing at Resting Place and the place exploded with joy and praise. Later that night, I met Kristen.
·         I remember going home from a retreat visiting Sarah and we experienced Jesus in a way we never have before. He was so tangible, so real. It left us with the reality that He IS so tangible and IS so real. That’s all I can really say about that experience because it’s so difficult to explain. It was just insane in a way I have never experience.
·         I remember going to a Genesis prayer night. Devin said to me, “Alicia. I have a story to tell you. And you’re gonna flip out.” I laughed, “OK, what is it?”. He took out his small canister of anointing oil out of his pocket. “You see this?” “Yeah.” “I was praying over George and I found this in my pocket.” “Cool” “Alicia, I didn’t put this in my pocket before I left home. And I’ve been drumming all night. I know what’s been in my pockets. This hasn’t been in my pocket all night.” All I could do was laugh for joy.
·         I remember going to a Relay for Life with (Mama) Mimi, her son Ethan and Kristen. It was a really fun, blessed time with fellow believers who had each had had their dealings with cancer in some way(Mimi was a breast cancer survivor, my dad passed away of brain cancer&Kristen had some relationships that were effected by cancer). As we left the event, it was suggested that Mimi and Ethan be driven up the hill in a golfcart because there were “stones in the road.” Kristen&I met Mimi&Ethan at the top of the hill with her wheelchair. We all kinda got this feeling that there was just something interesting about the driver. After the events were actually discussed the next day, we realized that the driver, named Andrew…was actually an angel.(
·         The day after we met Andrew the angel, Rebecca, Kristen, (Mama) Mimi and I went to Resting Place to share all the crazy things God had been doing. Rebecca, Kristen&I talked with our Resting Place family what God had been up to and it was insanely encouraging while Mimi stayed out in the prayer room to worship. We walked out the room to find a couple praying over Mimi, contending for her healing. Long story short, after 3 hours of prayers&craziness…her son Ethan had to carry her wheelchair out of Resting Place because she didn’t need it anymore. She was walking. (And is STILL walking) (
·         I remember walking to my house from DD with Kristen, talking about how we wished Devin&Rebecca would get back together and eventually get married. They’re getting married in December.
·         I remember watching the documentary Finger of God at Sarah’s house. In the documentary, they talked about gold dust as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. I casually said how I would like to see that. In October at VOA, during one of the sessions, Kristen rapidly tapped my arm. She pointed to her hand, “Look!” I looked at her hand. I didn’t see anything. “What?” I said. “LOOK!” “Your bones?” “No! Look! Sparkles!” “Where?” “There!” She tilted her hand and sure enough, her hand was sparkling“…oh my gosh.” “It’s gold dust!” “Wow.” “You got some too! Look!” She grabbed my hand and I looked at my hand with her but I could not see anything.“…where?” “There! Don’t you see that?” She tilted my hand and sure enough…my hand was sparkling. I was speechless. “…wow…yeah…what?” “It’s on your skin!” I didn’t know if I could believe it.“Was that there before?” “No, you’ve got gold dust Leesh.”   As time went on, gold dust has become a common occurrence in my life.

            He’s faithful. I remember…He’s faithful.

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  1. :) He is SO faithful!!! so blessed to be a part of your life and these awesome testimonies. I love you li:)